Organisations & Societies

Catholic Men’s Association

Spiritual director: Fr. Ernest Banda,   Cell:  078 188 7575,     Email:
Dr Malesela Motlatla,    Cell:   083 291 1248

Altar Servers

Spiritual director: Fr. Herman Mole,      Cell: 078 188 7575,       Email:

Catholic Music Association

Spiritual Director:  Fr. Steve Marokane

Cell:  073 591 7255,       Email:

Catholic Womens' Association

Spiritual Director: Fr. Anthony Sikhalele Mdhluli  CP CEL:  072 215 3127
President:    Mrs. Elizabeth Nkanyane,     Cell:  083 675 6530;       Email:

Catholic Womens' League

Spiritual Director: Fr. Chris Townsend

Cell:   082 783 4729,         Email:

Chairperson:   Mrs. Delene Holt,  Tel:  012 803 0287,        Cell:  082 569 2224

Vice Chairperson:   Ms. Cecilia Chinga,   Cell:  083 395 0031

Chiro Movement

Spiritual Director: Fr. Sefiri Motsepe,     Cell:   072 107 1164,     Email:

Daughters of St Anne

Spiritual Director: F r. Harry Kalonga,  Cell:  083 669 7329,        Email:

President:    Mrs. F. Maubane,       Cell: 076 185 4588

Alternate:   Ms. N. Masango,   Address: PO Box 13193, Tramshed 0126

Franciscan Peace Centre (Damietta Initiative)

Capuchin Community (Rietvlei),

Address:  PO Box 11939, Erasmuskloof 0048

Tel & Fax: 012 345 5111


Jesuit Refugee Centre

Country Director: Fr. Rampe Hlobo SJ,


485 Madiba Street, Arcadia, Pretoria,

PO Box 3731, Pretoria 0001.

Tel: 012 323 3116,   Fax: 012 323 3887


Koinonia John the Baptist

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Bosman Street, Pretoria,

Tel: 012 326 3027 

Coordinator:   Nesbert Musamba,     Cell:  078 668 4181

Knights of da Gama

Spiritual Director:    Fr. Daniel Kivuw’a IMC,     Tel: 012 801 1310,      Cell: 071 306 3769,      Email:
Grand Knight:     Maluse Chikala,      Tel: 012 661 9179,      Cell: 082 416 1322,     Email:
Secretary:     Chris Arukwe,      Tel: 012 807 1221,      Cell: 071 996 6343,        Email:

Legion of Mary

Spiritual Director:   Fr. 


PO Box 13031, Laudium 0037. Tel/Fax: 012 374 2163
Curia President of Queen Assumed into Heaven
Comitium: Agnes Nokeri. Bronkhorstspruit and surrounding areas:
Sr. Reinhilde Rieder, Tel: 013 932 1688

Bronkhorstspruit and surrounding areas:

Sr. Reinhilde Rieder,

Tel: 013 932 1688.

Neocatechumenal Way

Spiritual Director:  Fr Mikhael Roy Boulos,   Cell: 062 331 6841,    email:


PO. Box 8140, Pretoria 0001

Resp South Africa:

Mr. Dino Furgione 

Cell:  074 330 3612


Resp Pretoria:

Marco Malacaria 

Cell:  061 044 6475


Pontifical Mission Society (PMS)

Fr. Craigh Laubscher,          Cell: 072 256 6824


PO Box 35251, Menlo Park 0102


Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei


111 Jan Smuts, Saxonwold 2196;    PO Box 72642, Parkview 2122;

Vicar for South Africa:

Right Rev Msgr Anton Borras

Tel: 011 486 2678;

Fax: 011 646 0628,

Cell: 072 8743 553.


Prelate:   Right Rev. Msgr Fernando Ocáriz, Ph.D., S.T.D.
Curia of the Prelature: Viale Bruno Buozzi, 73; 00197 Rome (Italy)
Tel: 06 808 961

Priest Working in the Archdiocese:  Fr. Manuel Graca,  (Opus Dei Prelature)

Address: Postnet Suite 101, Private Bag X19, Menlopark  0102

Tel:  012 362 9787

Cell:  073 254 4185


Secular Franciscan Order

Spiritual Assistant: Fr Finbarr Flanagan OFM;


Mrs. S. Landsberg,

Address: PO Box 539, Wierda Park 0149

St Vincent de Paul

Spiritual Director: Rev Deacon Tiko Maeko;

President Northern Gauteng:

Mr. Wilson Letsoalo,

Address: 7 Zodane, Saulsville 0125,

Cell: 071 883 3771


Sodality of the Immaculate Conception of Mary

Spiritual Director: Fr. Karabo Baloyi,    Cell:  083 721 3783,    Email: 


Mrs .Elizabeth Malemane, Cell: 081 848 8656,          email:

Address: PO Box 267, Hammanskraal 0400

Sodality of Masole and Masolenyana A Kriste Morena

Spiritual Director: Fr. Cosmas Matooane  SCP,       Cell: 072 728 9678,       Email:

Executive Council:

Catholic Archdiocese of Pretoria – Youth Department
P. O. Box 8149, Pretoria 0001
Tel:  012 326 5311 / 5312; Fax: 012 325 3994
President: Mishack Mashau,      Cell: 079 010 8440 Email:

Sodality of the Sacred Heart:

Spiritual Director:Fr. Ralph Ramoabi,  Cell:  076 162 8253,     Email:

President: Mrs. Wanda Momoa

Sodality of St Anne

Spiritual Director:  Fr. Thabiso Ledwaba,     Cell: 083 669 7329,    Email:


Mrs. Rebecca Teffo,      Tel:  012 806 8898,   Cell: 076 286 4385

Vice President:

Barbra Rammyki,         Cell: 078 506 3558

Sodality of St Joseph

Spiritual Director: Fr. Crispen Mandipaushe,    Cell:  079 193 6279, Email:

Southern Cross


PO Box 2372, Cape Town 8000

Tel: 021 465 5007,            Fax: 021 465 3850.


Worldwide Media Centre (WMC)

Director: Fr. Jose Antonio Mendes Rebelo,


PO Box 912266, Silverton 0127

Tel: 012 804 6193

Fax: 012 804 6654


Young Adult Catholic Organisation

Spiritual director: Fr. Elias Senona,     Cell: 083 423 7185,          Email:


Mosa Mogashora,           Cell: 073 392 9219

Xaveri Movement


Xaveri Movement South Africa is a member of Xaveri International, which is registered with the PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR THE LAITY (Holy See) as an International Catholic Youth Movement of Action in Parochial. Xaveri is a pro-active Catholic Youth Movement for sustainable development, initiated by missionaries of Africa in central Africa in 1952. The name: XAVERI comes from the original title of Saint FRANCIS XAVIER, the patron saint of missions.

Xaveri brings together young people in a congenial and happy atmosphere inspired by the spirit of healthy African traditions. It aims to inspire a sense of active African youth, solidarity and tolerance among the young people of Africa and to involve them in shaping the future of Africa. It promotes mobility within and beyond the Africa borders, non-formal learning and intercultural dialogue, and encourages the inclusion of all young people, regardless of their educational, social and cultural background.


Xaveri Movement is a youth-led movement and non-formal education programme targeting young people aged between 12 and 35 years. Its general objectives are the following:

• Pursuit of peace and promoting active youth participation and development

• Develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people in order to foster
social cohesion ;

• Educating young people to foster mutual understanding between different
countries ;

• Contribute to development of quality support systems for youth activities ;

• Promote cooperation in the youth field ;

• Protection of environment.


In order to achieve its objectives, Xaveri foresees six operational Actions.

Youth in Local Dialogue: Bringing together youth to explore new forms of participation, intercultural dialogue in the urban spaces, and civic awareness.

Education for Intercultural Citizenship: Organising debates between youth from different tribes and countries to test appropriate techniques for introducing Citizenship Learning at communities.

Media and Arts for Social Change: Encouraging creativity and exchanges among youth and cultural practitioners, on the role of arts for providing access to culture and for fostering a culture of dialogue and change.

Refugee and Migrants project: The main thrust of the project is to promote integration between the general South African public and the migrant communities, overcome prejudices and misconceptions so as to foster a spirit of tolerance, understanding and ultimately acceptance.

Youth Voluntary Service: The aim of the project is to promote and up-scaling Youth Volunteering with aim to raise the profile of volunteer action as a tool for promoting people’s participation in community.

Networking, exchanges and civic engagement: This field aims at encouraging exchange and at building joint partnerships beyond borders, with a regional perspective. It includes specific activities (such as: cultural exchange, inter-faith dialogue, youth exchange, south-south cooperation and north-south cooperation)