Archdiocesan Newsletter: 10 May 2013

Ditaba No.10

The Archbishop will lead the Southern Cross to the Holy Land and will be away from the 11th to 25th May.

We wish Archbishop Emeritus George Daniel every blessing as he celebrates his 80th birthday on April 23rd this year.  Nominally retired Archbishop George continues to contribute to his pastoral zeal and experience to the work of the Diocese.

The Archdiocese congratulates the new Priests Father Evans Chendaeka and Father Thabiso Phala, both Stigmatines, who were ordained at Medunsa on the 27th April.
Ordained deacons on the same day were Michael S.M.Motlhamme, Jeremia Thami Mkhwanazi and Benedict Mosiuoa Makhata.
With them we welcome Deacon Thokozani Chudze Masina of the Institute of Christ the Priest who is thereby incardinated in the Archdiocese of Pretoria.  We extend to him a hearty welcome.
The Archdiocese extends a sincere word of appreciation and gratitude to the Congregation of the Holy Stigmata for bringing so many new priests and deacons to work amongst us.  They will continue to build on the great foundations laid by their Congregation over the past 50 years and more.

Do remember that the Church in Southern Africa prays for the intention of Christian Unity in the days between Ascension Thursday and Pentecost Sunday.  The Priests have circulated the prayer to you.  If possible it would be good to hold a service of the Word with members of other churches.

Please continue to encourage vocations and to welcome our seminarians when they come to your parish, especially during holiday time.  We thank God that this year the Archdiocese has 14 seminarians with new applications for next year.  Gratitude to Father Ambrose Maqebo for his zeal and commitment to this work.

The AGM of the Priests of the Archdiocese will take place at Bertoni Centre on 28th May.  As usual spiritual directors and leaders of the departments will make reports.   The meeting begins at 09h30 on that Tuesday morning.

The Holy Father, Pope Francis, has asked us to make this Feast of Corpus Christi on Sunday 2nd June a special celebration focused on the Holy Eucharist.  He would like a world-wide campaign of prayer focused on the Eucharistic Presence of Jesus.  Hopefully each parish will rise to this occasion.
At the Cathedral on the same day, 2nd June, the Archbishop will bless Holy Communion Ministers for the Archdiocese.

On Saturday June 15th, all the youth of the Archdiocese are invited for a day of prayer and celebration in this Year of Faith at the City Hall.  Further information will be sent out by the youth department.

Parishes are reminded to keep up to date with their financial assessments to the Archdiocese.  Each parish also has responsibility to pay for the medical aid for their Priest which is R500 per month.  There are also insurance dues.  The special collections, e.g. Lenten, should be sent to Father Craigh Laubscher.
It is very important that the priest should sign up for the medical aid, as some of them have so far not done so.

One of the grace responsibilities of Priests is to supervise catechetics, that is the passing on and sharing of our faith with the new generations.  Father Geoffrey and his team have a programme and a calendar and let us prepare always for their special inputs.

I would like to invite all the Priests of the Archdiocese on the first Tuesday of every month to come together at Santa Sophia in fraternity, for pastoral input and discussion and for lunch.  However we will discuss this at the AGM.

When difficulties arise in a parish, the first line of approach should be the Parish Pastoral Council and Parish Priest.  If they are unable to resolve the difficulty then the Deanery Pastoral Council is expected to assist.  Should the Deanery Pastoral
Council have difficulty, the Archdiocese is putting in place a Diocesan Mediation Council.

Father Ramaema is back from his study course in Nairobi.  He will take responsibility for hospital care in the Archdiocese.  He will work with the committee which is chaired by Mrs Mlilwane to see that all our sick are visited and cared for in the many hospitals and homes around the city.  He will reside at Jolivet House.  If some of your parishioners come as patients to a hospital please alert Father Ramaema.
Father Bangiwazi Khoza is assistant Priest at St Mark. He is assistant to Father Ralph Ramoabi who is the Parish Priest.  The complaints made against Father Ralph have been examined and proved to be unfounded.  There has been no financial mismanagement.
We welcome to the Diocese Father S’milo Mngada from Mariannhill who will reside at Jolivet House but works as the Secretary for Communication at Khanya House.

On 25th May, the Prison Ministry team lead by Father Sithole, Deacon Molebale and Sister Eileen, will continue to introduce the volunteers from your parishes who wish to offer their services to the prison ministry.



 11 May  Pretoria North
 25 May  Midrand (5.30 p.m.)
 26 May  St Clare Soshanguve
 02 June  St Anthony Block L, Soshanguve
 08 June  Letlhabile
09 June  Maboloka
 16 June  Emmanual Church Tembisa
 23 June  Klipgat
 30 June  St Charles Lwanga


Other events:

 11 May and all Saturdays in May  Courtyard of the Gentiles in Church Square
 25 May  Meeting to plan closure of Year of Faith, Jolivet House
 28 May  AGM of Priests at Bertoni Centre at 9.30 a.m.
 29 May  Jesuit Institute: “The Contestant Role of Religion in African Public Life” at Auckland Park
 01 June  Archdiocesan Pastoral Council, Jolivet House, 2.00 p.m.
 02 June  Commissioning of Communion givers at the Cathedral at 2.00 p.m.
 02 June  Special Eucharist celebration in all parishes
 05 June  Diocesan Consultors Meeting
 05 June  Property Commission to meet
 07 June  Birthday of Loreto School at Cathedral (135 years)
 15 June  Youth of the Archdiocese at city Hall
 18 June  Evangelization meeting
 22 June  Masolenyana meeting
 22 June  Council of Laity meeting
 25 June  Southern Deanery meeting at Monavoni
 26 June  Celebration of Opus Dei Feast
 29 June  Annual retreat of the Sacred Heart Sodality



The Jericho House is being refurbished.

Seminary students are at Santa Sophia

Naledi ya Meso church to be built, awaiting plans

Dennilton – repairs to priests and Sisters houses

Olivienhoutbosch – seeking a church site

Engen Garage, petrol station is withdrawing

Nellmapius – need for a church

St Ambrose Soshanguve – applying for funds to build

Burial ground: We are seeking a suitable plot for a priests’ cemetry

“The day on which God has unrestricted power over our hearts we shall also have unstricted power of His”