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By fire: The Holy Spirit still guides the youth with the gift of the Spirit. Giving us, hope to renew the face of the earth. To be channels of peace and promote unity, for in unity there is strength  

Prayer of the Youth

Lord Jesus, we stand before you as your young friends.

We desire to see you as Zacheus did;

We wish to listen to you as Mary who sat at your feet;

We seek to follow you like Peter the Apostle;

In all things we ask to belong to you like the young people in the Gospel you blessed and embraced.

Lord, we come before you with many needs;

Look into our hearts and touch us, console us, guide us, and lead us to share our lives with you.

Jesus you are our most sincere friend;

Give us the grace to trust in you always;

Teach us to pray as you prayed;

Form us to see with your eyes the suffering of young people around us;

Look upon our weaknesses, forgive us and strengthen us.

Lord Jesus, we love you;

Accept our prayer and thanksgiving as we offer ourselves to you in worship and adoration.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord


Rev William Slattery OFM

Archbishop of Pretoria


To see young people growing and flourishing in God’s presence


To encourage and nurture the youth by equipping them with the tools that will help ensure they make well informed choices, build strong characters and positive change/behaviour

The vision and mission will be brought to life through the 3 pillars of development which are:

Human Development  

This relates to program which assist in forming ones character, behaviour, and helping in making well informed choices.

Spiritual Development

God is the source of life and we seek his face daily, this relates to the spiritual formation

Skills Development

Education is a very important aspect of life both formal and non-formal. This area relates to the dissemination of relevant information for the betterment of young people

Fulltime Youth Coordinator- Neo Rakoma

Chancery Office: 140 Visagie Str, Pretoria

Tel: 012 326 5311

Cell: 072 552 6212


Youth Chaplains

Name Deneary Contact Detail Email
Fr Sammy Mabusela Diocese 078 543 0586
Fr Evans Kotoku Eastern 071 367 4808
Fr Hlaledi Ramakgolo Northern 078 246 2733
Fr Amos Masemola Southern 076 014 4770
Fr Ewald Nnagay North East 078 076 5835
Fr Samuel Kasawala North Western 083 766 6880
Fr Kelly Sankalimba Western 078 819 6472
Fr Manuel Nhaquila Western 072 032 8931
Fr Chris Schonenberger Western 083 304 2595
Fr Cosmas Matoane Masolenyana 072 728 9678
Fr Karabo Baloyi Chiro 083 721 3783
Fr Herman Mole Altar Servers 072 191 2000
Fr Elias Senona YACO 083 423 7185
Fr Stephen Marokane Education for Life 073 591 7255

ACTS Chaplains

Name University Contact Email
Fr Hyacinth Ennis University of Pretoria 012 460 4043
Fr Solly Sebothoma TUT Main campus 072 649 1799
Fr Anthony Mashaka TUT Garankuwa &
University of Limpopo Medunsa
078 078 6576
Fr Herman Mole TUT Soshanguve 072 191 2000


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