Summer Camp: An opportunity of hope!


Untitled1I often think a lot about this: “How can we measure emotional freedom? How can we measure the smile of a child when there’s so much pain in its eyes?”

We cannot measure how they deal with the challenges they face, but we CAN measure how we go about giving them opportunities to tackle these challenges. For 6 years running, the Xaveri Summer Camp has been making magic in the lives of our children.

Untitled2The magic doesn’t lie in the project itself, but rather in the hands of Mr. Thomas’s Family cooking for our children. Magic appears when a bakkie-load of juice, sweets and toiletries are dropped off at our offices for our children to take for camping. It lies in everyone that gives something, dreaming with Xaveri that our Untitled3children have the potential to be valuable contributors to our Church, communities and our country.

They get to see that they too are worthy in GOD’S eyes and that God loves them dearly in spite of their sometimes dire circumstances and naughtiness.

Untitled4The truth is that taking 120 children and 20 staff for camping doesn’t come cheap. Just think about it: Accommodation costs about R30,000.00 for 3days; throw in transport which costs R11, 000.00; and don’t forget that we need to fill our tummies at a cost of R30,000.00.

These expenses already add up to R 71,000.00. Add to that items needed to help our children make sense of their lives through clay, stationery, art and a bible, to name only a few. Let’s not forget an ice cream or maybe a swimming costume or one ball or two.

The fact is, no cent raised is in vain. Every rand someone gives will make a lasting impression. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones and you can afford a holiday with your loved ones, why not share your blessings with the less fortunate ones?

This December 120 children will learn of Jesus through the methodology of Peace, Non-Violence and caring for creatures. They will reach out and share to make the ‘hurt’ grow less and slowly get to taste emotional freedom. They will hear of God’s dream that they will wake up to a new day, filled with promise.

The summer camp gives the children a chance to be out in nature, experiencing God through learning, playing, sharing their hearts and building dreams.

To make this a reality, we need your hands, hearts and prayers. We invite you to help make this experience a reality for our children by making a personal contribution, financially or materially, according to your ability, in order to make this summer camp a dream come true!

Tell: +27 (0)12 326 5311/2.

Bank Details for donations

Archdiocese of Pretoria
Standard Bank
Branch – Brooklyn
Account no – 011807008
Reference: Xaveri Summer Camp