Report – Prison Ministry – 4th February

On 30th November we had a Spirit Day in Odi Correctional Centre which was attended by fifty lay people from local parishes. Thirty of these had completed the ALLPHA course and twenty were from the leadership ALPHA core group from Johannesburg . It began at 9h00 and ended at 15h00.
There were three talks on the Holy Spirit. In between talks the offenders gave testimony on how the course had helped them. They were just powerful. One offender had been a Satanist . He attended the course and said he had now given his life to Jesus. He has a long way to go as he is a drug addict . Sr Rita meets with him and his friend weekly to help them. Over fifty offenders received ALPHA certificates.
On December 1st sixteen offenders in Losperfontein had confession and Holy Mass was celebrated. On December 2nd twenty eight offenders received certificate for APLPHA and Chatsec.

On January 18th 2014 we had a meeting in Loreto Convent for those who had completed the ALPHA course . We tried to sort out which centre they would visit. We had a follow up meeting on January 23rd and visits were finalized.
Deacon Molebale will look after Zoonderwater and Bavianspoort.
Sr Rita will look after Odi and Losperfontein
Sr Rita is arranging a meeting with the officer in charge of the female Prison in Pretoria to put her in contact with those who do the pre release Courses.
Sr Rita is arranging a prayer morning in Odi for April 6th and has invited the group who have completed the ALPHA course. They are invited to bring four of their youth to join us. There will be sharing on the readings in groups followed by Holy Mass.

Sr Rita had a meeting with pastor Manaka who has promised to attend our meeting on February 22nd. Those older than seventy years of age are not allowed to visit prisons but we hope they will be allowed to visit the holding cells in their parishes. The group received the forms to be filled in and Sr Rita will deliver them to Archbishop.
We are now on the way but it will take time. Thanks to Archbishop for all his help

God bless all
Sr Rita.