January 18, 2014 / Saturday / 10AM
Present: Sam & Mpho Mathe, Ignitia Ntsako, Errol & Miggie
Apologies: Fr. Peter S., Mike Olien, Sylvia Reid, Harry F.,

I. Opening Prayer and Reflection on today’s Gospel : Mark 2:13-17

II. Presented Agenda

a. Schedules of Family Missions Week / end / Day
b. Road Show Schedules
c. Family International Day
d. Family Cross
e. Holy Trinity Parish Midrand Cana Retreat on Feb 8, 2014
f. Leaders Workshop
g. Marriage Preparation in the Parishes
h. Christian Life Program (Marriage Formation)
i. Natural Family Planning
j. Ministries
k. Bishops Synod and Restructuring of FLD in SACBC


A. Schedules of Family Missions Week/end/day & Road Show Schedules

a. Contact Sam Mathe about schedule with Parish Priest to present FLD/Family Missions

b. Errol/Miggie to send general letter of invitation for Family Missions per parish signed by Fr. Victor, Fr. Peter & Bishop (as per St. Joseph’s, another letter needs to be sent to inform the parish priest that we are having the mission in their parish)

c. Road Shows will be conducted on the same day/weekend scheduled with the parish

d. Family International Day (organized by Toni Rowland’s)

i. October 2014 – all families apostolates and leaders are invited to come


i. Discuss with Parish Priests first about the dates before discussing the program with them.

f. Family Cross

i. Still going strong in parishes which started last year. We must encourage other parishes to do the same.

g. Holy Trinity Parish, Midrand Cana Retreat

i. To be held on February 8, 2014

ii. An echo event for those who were not able to attend the October Conference held in CBC

iii. Invite more couples to come – open to all married couples

h. Leaders Workshop

i. APC

ii. April 10, 2014

i. Other Diocesan Events

i. MENS’s Conference in 15 March 2014

j. Marriage Preparation in Parishes

i. Errol asked for copies of marriage preparation programs given by each parishes for the next meeting

ii. There is Marriage Preparation Seminar being given by FLD at the Chancery as well. Offered for free.

iii. Marriage Preparation Course is held at Bertoni Centre R1, 500/couple. Tel: 012 5656836; 012 5464619

iv. FLD PTA needs to get the details / schedules of Fr.Peter Switala’s for Marriage Preparation Courses

k. Natural Family Planning


l. Assigning PIC for each of the programs under Family Life Desk Team:

i. Marriage Preparation – Sam & Mpho Mathe, Harry Flayser

ii. Marriage Formation – Fr. Peter, Errol, Mike Olien -?

iii. Natural Family Planning – Sylvia Reid – ?, Emma Msibi

iv. Ministries (Women’s/Men’s, Young Adult, Children) – Ignitia Ntsako, Mildred

v. Leaders Workshops – Errol & Miggie & Fr. Peter Switala

m. Other Concerns:

i. Suggestion: Encourage the team to copy the FLD Diocesan Team to inform and to promote the event for families of your parish to the deanery/diocese.

ii. FLD Deanery Coordinator should be able to report about what’s happening in other parishes within their deanery and not just about their own parish. FLD DIOCESAN TEAM should be endorsed by the A/B and also by Fr. Peter & Errol & Miggie to the Deanery Meeting so that the FLD Deanery coordinators can start getting information from each parish under them. First solution is to speak with the Deanery Heads (Fr. Joseph, etc.). Errol to ask A/B to give blessing for the FLD Diocesan Team.

iii. Sam Mathe is willing to go to the parishes to present FLD to them.

iv. 2 workshops this year: 10th May and 4th October

n. FLD 2014 Meeting Dates & Events

i. 22 February, 9:30AM-12nn Jolivet House next FLD Diocesan Team meeting (To be confirmed, meeting before the Men’s Conference)

ii. 15 March, Men’s Conference (VTA)

iii. 5 April, 9:30AM-12nn Jolivet House next FLD Diocesan Team meeting

iv. 10 May, Family Life Leaders Workshop (VTA)

v. 7 June, 9:30AM-12nn Jolivet House next FLD Diocesan Team meeting

vi. 2 August, 9:30AM-12nn Jolivet House next FLD Diocesan Team meeting

vii. 27 September, 9:30AM-12nn Jolivet House next FLD Diocesan Team meeting

viii. 4 October, International Year of Family Leaders Conference (SACBC)

ix. 25-26 October, Couples Conference (VTA)

x. 1 November, 9:30AM-12nn Jolivet House next FLD Diocesan Team meeting (To be confirmed)

xi. Plus the schedules for the FLD Deanery Roadshows and Family Missions

Meeting ended: 11:45am
Next Meeting: 22 February 2014, 9:30AM for 10AM (to give time for reflection)-12nn Jolivet House next FLD Diocesan Team meeting
**********************************End of Minutes*******************************************