Prison Report by Sr. Teresa Carey




I only started back towards the end of January as I was not available before that.


On January 28 we had a morning of Prayer and Reflection at Jolivet House to plan for the year ahead.   13 Women attended.


On February we had a prayer morning in Odfi Correctional Centre. 12 women attended and 45 offenders came. The Offenders were able to share their lives, worries and what it is like to be in prison. This was really helpful and some families were contacted to tell them their son was in prison. Most were very thankful.


Presently over 115 Offenders are attending the ALPHA and SIX STEPS Courses. 95 are attending in Odi and 20 are attending Six Steps.   ALPHA will begin at the end of April.

We had a meeting in Odi with 10 Spiritual Workers on how we can help ex Offenders when they are released.


A meeting is arranged for 20 April. Members of Correctional Services from Kgosi Mampuru, Odi and Soshanguve are invited to attend. The big problem is our Offenders are having are:


1) No work

2) Families not too happy to have them back

3) Some do not have an address to go home to, so they stay in prison.


These are some of the problems we will discuss.


I am in contact weekly with 8 paroles – 2 are working and 2 have piece jobs around their homes.

On March 2nd the Catholics in Losperfontein had Confession and Mass. 16 in all attended.


I will hold Palm Sunday and Easter in Odi. Good Friday services will be in Losperfontein.

Wishing you all a blessed Easters.

Sr. Teresa Carey

7th April 2017

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