Prison Ministry Report

19 November 2013

I continue to visit Odi Correctional Centre on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and some Thursday s and every second Sunday. I hold a communion service, plus minus twenty offenders attend.

Over forty offenders have completed the ALPHA course and we are blessed to have “A Holy Spirit Day” on November 30th 2013 in Odi Centre. These members will receive their ALPHA Certificates. On November 30th 2013 over 30 African lay people, who have been doing ALPHA training course will attend, as well as 15 members from ALPHA South Africa. The Archbishop will attend after 12 o’clock as he has commitments in the morning. Fr. McAleer will also attend as he has Portuguese language and over 9 offenders are Portuguese.

On Mondays, I visit Losperfontein Correctional Centre from 08h00 to 11h30. I do ALPHA course and the CHATSEC course (Combating HIV/AIDS through Spiritual Conduct). 16 offenders are doing ALPHA and CHATSEC course. Every second Sunday I hold communion service for Catholics. Presently 12 offenders attend, 10 are Catholic. On December 1st, these will have confession and Mass Service.
In July we started training lay men and women in ALPHA to prepare them to do Prison Ministry. We started with 0 people from parishes. This was in respond to a letter send out by Archbishop Slattery. We are now 35 members. In October 19th a big number attended “The holy Spirit Weekend” in Bryanston parish, we joined ALPHA members from different parishes in Johannesburg.
Then on October 19th we had a “Holy Spirit Saturday” in IOMA for our own group, in all 36 attended and the Holy Spirit was very evident from the sharing afterwards.

We have arranged the meeting on January 18, 2014 to see where we go from here. I am having a meeting today at 13h00 with Pastor Manaka to see what is required etc. for these people to begin to work, also to know what are the requirement for groups of people to come on Sundays to pray with and for the offenders.

So thanks to Archbishop for use of Jolivet house for the last few months. Once again I ask you all to pray for offenders, victims and families. God bless.
Sister Rita Carey

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