Justice and Peace Report







 September to November 2013 Held One Executive Meeting on 19/10/2013 and One General Meeting on 02/11/2013 *More commitment towards growth and vision and mission of J&P – NB. 26 attendance and 8 apologies at GM


*Brought about a need to work a concrete plan for 2014



*Proposal of a strategic planning session on 06/12/13 to 08/12/13 was endorsed







*Proposal to cluster the parishes within the deaneries according to proximity endorsed

Membership still not stable








*Establishment of  the venue


*Financial accountability


*Awaiting your Grace’s  confirmation on financial assistance


*Not an easy task


 Overall Parishes Activities  *E-tolling – signing of petitions continuing


*J&P Sunday – various parishes held presentations covering topics on different types of abuses and moral issues


*Cultural Day Celebrations – Some parishes made presentations on cultural issues based on traditions, customs, beliefs, myths and taboos with the aim of restoring values and morals


Not all parishes show interest


Not all parishes see the significance of J&P Sunday





Some parishes do not attach meaning to September as a Heritage month

 Communal Activities  *Economic Empowerment Projects


*Neo Catechesis 10 day’s talk presented by a team from Italy



*Renew Africa Workshop









*Campaign against Children, Women, Substance Abuse and Cancer, Stress and Depression Awareness organised by NWD on 16/11/13



 People’s attitude towards empowerment


Lack of interest among the earmarked parishes of Ga-Rankuwa


Due to the challenges facing the establishment of the Diocesan J&P the possibility of being part of the team to advocate on the ministry is questionable


*Not all J&P members of the area were aware of the campaign


*SAPS failure to honour the invitation led to the campaign not having anyone to listen to the grievances and taking them forward

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