Highlights of the meeting and in the Family Life Desk

1. Deaneries are well represented except the Northern Deanery.

2. Study the material given to us for Marriage Course and Pre-Marriage Courses

3. Plans to engage with Natural Family Planning for next year

4. Plans for next year:

a. Men’s Conference to plan with Fr. Patrick Rakeketsi at the 1st quarter of the year
b. Family Missions Week / Weekend at the parishes
c. Road shows
d. Christian Life Programs
e. International Family Day in May
f. Couples Conference in October
g. To push to have a family life desk chaplain for every deanery

5. Feedback on the CANA Couples Conference

a. +-70 people attended the conference
b. Spirit-filled, nourishing talks and discussions
c. Very enriching for couples, individuals and clergy
d. Topics are very Catholic
e. Encourage to echo it to the parishes as a retreat
i. Midrand parish will echo the conference in February, 2014

6. Others:

a. Elections at the parishes for the new PPC members, to assign a person in charge in Family Life to one of the new members of the PPC.
b. Reminded to also to reach out to other members of the family (Children, single mothers, men and the youth)
c. Family Crosses are still on-going even the Year of Faith is closing.
d. Meetings from quarterly this year will become bi-monthly meetings starting in January next year 2014.