Family Life Desk Meeting Minutes

Family Life Day (FLD) Meeting
November 9, 2013, Saturday
Jolivet House


1. Opening Prayer

2. Minutes of the Meeting

3. Year of Faith Closing Celebration

4. Marriage Course Materials

5. Planning for each Parishes for next year

a. Family Mission Week (A Week of Family Mission in the Parish Tuesday to Saturday)
b. Road Show (presentation of FLD to the PPC and to the Parish Priest)
c. List of Parishes that has Family Life Desk in the Archdiocese
d. CFC Christian Life Program
e. International Family Day (Coordination with Toni Rowland)
f. Family Conference (Coordination with Toni Rowland)
g. Priests in charge of Family Life per Deanery

6. Reports from parishes if there are any

7. Comments / Discussions / Open forum

8. Closing prayer

ATTENDANCE: Fr. Peter Switala (Vicar for Family Life), Sylvia Reid (Southern Deanery), Harry Flayser (Western Deanery), Ignatia Motiang (North Western), Paul & Cristina Maseko (Southern Deanery), Sam & Mpho (Western Deanery), Emma Msibi& Representative (North Eastern), Errol & Miggie (FLD Coordinators)

APOLOGIES: Mike Olien (Eastern Deanery)


I. Opening Song and Prayer led by Errol.

II. Introduction of each representative.

III. Year of Faith Closing Ceremony at Pilditch Stadium – everyone was invited to come and was asked to encourage more parishioners and especially families to attend the YOF at Pildith Stadium.

IV. Marriage Course Materials

a. To manualise all materials together and be made available to the parishes, it’s our role to provide marriage preparation to engaged couples
b. Harry has 6 people in his team giving Marriage preparation in the Cathedral. Manual came from Fr. Victor
c. There’s a challenge if there is a difference in beliefs or cultures (eg. To stay chaste until their wedding day)
d. New Evangelisation (creative ways to invite people to the faith or to appreciate our faith) – not a good idea though to invite them to become one (Catholic) just because they are getting married. We can only encourage or evangelise them but not force it on them.
e. Natural Family Planning – there are a lot of materials available. Dr. Haines giving sessions on NFP every 1st Thursday in Edenvale. (Errol to follow up a schedule with Dr.Haines to give seminar for PTA FLD Teams )



i. Inspired from the Redemptorist’s Parish Mission (one week of Family Spiritual Enrichment Sessions/ Activities for each parishes)
ii. To discuss with Parish Priest and PPC whether it’s possible to do it for a week or a weekend.
iii. 3 Elements of Family Mission for 2014: Home grown Retreat. Involvement of different ministries. Main focus is the Family.
iv. The idea, too, is to encourage the parish to work together with their parish priests to make the program / talk / activity themselves.
v. Pretoria FLD to make a letter regarding the Family Mission, signed by Fr. Peter Switala and His Grace Archbishop Slattery

b. ROAD SHOW (presentation of FLD to the PPC and to the Parish Priest)

i. There is a suggestion that we join the Deanery Meeting of the PPC to present the FLD to the clergy
ii. Joining the Deanery meetings will help us fish out schedules for the Parish Road Shows
iii. Follow up Mildred – to visit
*Ignitia’s parish had a successful children’s day 3 weeks ago. (Miggie to remind the parish to submit a write up about the event)
iv. CFC Christian Life Program (parishes to give schedules to FLD Office as to when they are
having their CLP’s)

c. International Family Day (Coordination with Toni Rowland)

i. We are all encouraged to join/attend this event in Johannesburg.

d. Feedback of CANA Couples Conference (Fr. Peter Switala)

1. Good distinction. The amount of work for the preparation of the conference was outstanding. The sessions were very essential and applicable for the couples especially for the hurting couples or couples whose marriage is on the rocks.
2. The Booklet that was part of the conference kit was very useful and is encouraged by Fr. Peter to be used in small Christian communities / cell groups present in the parishes (especially for couples groups). Very scriptural based and informative and has guide reflections.
3. Fr. Peter recommends this conference for the couples to be held in the parishes (echo).
4. It has been suggested that the Conference be advertised earlier to encourage more couples to come. The Theme for next year is “Behold and Ponder”. To be held at the last weekend of October (24-26).

e. Others

1. Elections are on the roll now (PPC and other parish ministry assignments)

– We carry on with the recent leadership for now.
– If the Bishop says Errol and Miggie will carry on for FLD, then we carry on with our programs, otherwise, we will have a transition with the next FLD Coordinator. Same applies to all FLD Deanery leaders.

2. We were reminded to focus as well on other family ministries (Women, Men, Young Adults, Youth and Kids)

– FLD in St. Joseph is not as active in terms of the label but through the priest’s terms / ways, but it is still successful in a different angle where the priest visits the homes (Family Cross).
– In Cathedral, kids are asked to gather during mass (teach songs, activity, etc.)
– St. Joseph they had a vocations day. Kids were asked to dress like priests, nuns, bishops, etc. and it was lovely!
– Christ the King Parish had a Kids Day (Saturday, half day) held were about 70 plus kids attended. Parents who witnessed the program were grateful for the program given for their children.

3. The Family Cross

– has been doing very well in some parishes and families are happy about it, others are still requesting for another cross (for other mass times)

VI. Next meeting

1. January 11 or 18, 2014 (to confirm), Jolivet House from 9am -11pm.

2. Miggie to send to the FLD Deanery Coordinators

– FLD Meeting Minutes
– FLD Deanery Database
– YOF Letter with Novena and Poster
– Youth Conference Invites / Posters

VII. Meeting ended with closing prayer by Fr. Peter Switala at 11:45am.


Minutes by: Miggie Martinez
9 Nov 2013

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