DITABA No. 20 – April 15 2015


April 25 Celebration at Silverton of 90 years of Apostolic work by the Comboni Missionaries of Southern Africa
April 26 Confirmation at Bronkhorstspruit
April 27 Golden Jubilee of Archbishop George Daniel at the Cathedral at 10AM
April 28 The Poor Clare’s African Convention at La Verna
April 30 The Board Meeting of Radio Veritas and Broadcast
May 1 The awarding of the Bene Merenti Medal to Mr. and Mrs. Vilakazi at Holy Cross
May 3 Confirmation to Kgomo-Kgomo
May 5 Priest Day at Santa Sophia

Meeting of Family Life Desk

May 7-21 Bishop leads Pilgrimage to Israel and Rome. Fr. Robert Mphiwe, in-charge.
May 16 Family Life Desk Workshop at the Cathedral. 08h00-14h30. (Fr. Peter Switala)
May 23 Confirmation Pretoria North
May 24 Confirmation at St. Mary’s and celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Church and Parish
May 25 Reception of the Bible for the Community at Laudium for Neo Catechumenate
May 26 AGM of the priests of the Diocese at Santa Sophia, 9h30
May 27 Meeting of the Phumula Trust
May 29 Evangelisation Meeting at Jolivet House
May 31 Confirmation in Jericho
June 1 Meeting with Irish Ambassador
June 3 Consultors’ Meeting at Santa Sophia
June 5 School Birthday Mass at Loreto in Skinner Street, 08h00

Meeting of the Building Committee at the Bishop’s House, 15h30

Meeting with Lecturer for the Winter school in Johannesburg

June 6 Meeting of the Movements of the Archdiocese at the Cathedral with Mass (Neo Catechumenate, Couples for Christ, Focolare, Opus Dei, Xaveri, Koinonia, Sant’ Egidio)
June 7 Confirmation at St. Anthony
June 9 Meeting with the Eastern Deanery in Waterkloof
June 10 Meeting with Jesuit Institute, 10h00
June 12 Deacons’ Formation Day at Santa Sophia
June 13 General Meeting of Justice and Peace, Jolivet House
June 14 Confirmation at Maria Regina in Lyttleton
June 21 Confirmation at St. Charles Lwanga
June 27 Ordination of Zanele Lebelo as Priest and John Paul Mathebula as Deacon at the Sebothoma Hall in Temba
June 28 Confirmation at Lethlabile


1. We congratulate Archbishop Emeritus George Daniel on his Golden Jubilee of Priesthood; we celebrate also his Episcopal Ministry of 40 years here in Pretoria. We express gratitude to God for the great service and the gift of Archbishop George in the Archdiocese. We thank him for his prayers and his ministry which continues so generously in our archdiocese. His book, his life stgory can be bought through the Catholic Bookshop in Sunnyside.

2. RENEW. Remember that RENEW now is the program of the Archdiocese. Every Parish is expected to have a Core Team. Deacon Tsepiso Matle and Sr. Laura are the people to get in contact with to make sure you know where you can get help.

3. Fr Isaac reports; VOCATIONS UPDATES. On the 12th /13th of May 2015 Fr. Isaac Ramakgolo will attend the National Vocations Directors’ Workshop at Mater Dei Centre (Polokwane).

Visitation to the Seminaries to see the Pretoria Students will happen between 18th to the 20th of May 2015 in Port Elizabeth-St.Phillip Neri and the 20th to the 22nd of May 2015 in Cape Town-St.Francis Xavier. St.John Vianney on the 7th of May to say goodbye to John Paul.

We also Congratulate John Paul Mathebula who is finishing his Seminary Studies in May, he is going to be Ordained as a Deacon on the 27th of June.
Deacon Zanele Lebelo will be ordained priest on the same occasion. Let us keep them in our Prayers.

There will be two Archdiocesan Vocation Workshops this year dedicated to Consecrated Life, first at Bertoni Centre (for Boys only) on July 17-19. The Second will be for Boys and Girls at St. John Vianney Seminary on October 17.

Fanie Msiza is doing very well in Siyabuswa as an Intern with the Capuchins Fathers. Fr. Isaac will visit him soon on the May 6.

Harry Bopape and Simon Khudzai will go for their Pastoral Internship next year. Simon will go to Marapyane for his Intership with Fr. Mkhabela and Harry will go either to Mmakau or Diepsloot.

The Parents of the Seminarians will have their Meeting on the 30th of May 2015 at Jolivet house at 11H00.

At the moment we have three young men who are ready for Interviews as Candidates to Priesthood; the fourth one is Thomas Mohajane who is rejoining the Seminary after a long time doing other studies.

Let us pray for Vocations to Priesthood and Religious Life especially in this year of Consecrated Life. I urge you Brothers and Sisters, that Vocations Sunday or Good Shepherd Sunday, 26th of April, is one of the days that we may utilize to promote Vocations. Pretoria Seminarians will go to St. Mark Parish in Mabopane on that day to talk about Vocations.

4. Fr. Geoffrey continues with his team through the entire diocese for the work of catechetics. This is of crucial importance. We have to offer formation for our children and for our youth. The Priests responsible for each deanery for Catechetics must make sure to be in contact with Fr. Geoffrey and to see that our teachers are properly informed.

5. The Archdiocesan Pastoral Council under Ms. Bogatsu met at the Chancery and continues its work guiding the pastoral work of the archdiocese. Mrs. Kuki Mbatha has been appointed to represent the diocese on the National Laity Council.

6. We said good bye to Fr. Charles Kuppelwieser who passed away on the 24th of February. Thanks to all the priests and people who attended his funeral. Fr. Charles has assisted many people, especially the poor, the sick and the old in many parts of the country and in later years in our archdiocese. He left behind great memorials of his presence among us in the fine buildings and places he established. There is a Trust headed by the Archbishop now taking care of PHUMULA. There is also a management committee which sees to the day-to-day events there.

7. On the 1st of May we congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Vilakazi at Holy Cross Mission. They have been outstanding witnesses of the faith. Pope Francis honoured them with the Bene Merenti Gold Medal. Together over the last 35 years– they have prepared over 3,000 couples for marriage. They have also been very involved in the Eucharistic ministry of their parish, in the Catholic Women’s League, in the Social Outreach to the old, and of course, in Catechetics. Nora Vilakazi brought and taught Natural Family Planning to the Archdiocese. We thank God for the gift of this faith-filled couple and their family. They met as very young children in a crèche at Lady Selbourne. No doubt the Sisters of the Holy Cross played a part in their formation. The Mayor of Thswane, will finance the celebration and now wishes to introduce an honours list of citizens who make a great contribution to the City.

8. I was very impressed with the meeting of the Justice and Peace of the Archdiocese. I thank Fr. Moatshe in encouraging this great group of people. There are at least 50 members who are active. It is encouraging to see how they engage in helping the elderly. They are being trained as counsellors and the men as peace makers. They also are engaged in the ministry of saving energy and of health care and monitoring of clinics. I really feel by being involved in these active events and actions in the name of Christ they will truly bring the Christian spirit wherever they will work.

9. Please continue to show an interest in the Prison Ministry. Sr. Rita and Fr. Bongi Sithole and Deacon Molebale are all involved in the Prison and are now joined by over 20 volunteers who have been trained and are beginning their work in the various prisons. A work of mercy and love worthy of the Lord.

10. Ms.Angie Mlilwana (078 2234008) is working in the hospital with Fr Ramaema. Please remember that she is available to make a presentation in your parishes on Sunday and also to train people who would like to visit in the hospitals.

11. Martin Mande and his team in the Xaveri Movement work out in the Chancery offering tremendous assistance to refugees and those being thrown about in their search for visas.

12. I congratulate the Catholic Schools’ Board and its secretary Ms. Violet Ramathunya in organising the Catholic Teachers’ Day at the Assumption Convent in Pretoria North on the 27th of February. Surely there were 300 teachers present praying the beginning of a new academic year and reflecting together on their vocation as teachers.

13. The RCIA elections at the beginning of Lent were performed in all the deaneries. Again, let us as priests and as catechists visit frequently those who are in this journey. Let us welcome them into the community and let us also strengthen them by our faith and example.

14. We congratulate Fr. Patrick Rakeketsi who has been chosen by the Bishops to be the Assistant Secretary of the National SACBC Office in Khanya House.

15. We congratulate those who organised the Women’s Day of Prayer at the Cathedral on the 14th of March. There was a tremendous turn out from many churches where women prayed together for our society and shared what the Lord has done in their lives.

16. The Bishop opened the Academic year with Masses at University of Pretoria and also at the Johannesburg Universities.

17. Remember to encourage more devotion of Benedict Daswa. Here is a man on his way to Sainthood, one of our own, from the province of Limpopo. There was a magnificent article in the Mail and Guardian on the 2nd of April. If you find that please spread it around. Let us pray novenas and make sure to get the pictures and the articles of Benedict Daswa so that the real love for this saintly man will inspire many to follow his example.

18. Archbishop represented the diocese at the Tshwane Pastoral Region Meeting in Gabarone. The team translated and is working on the text of the Order of the Mass, they hope to issue the Sunday Service in the absence of a priest and also to get ready a daily missal for all our Catholics in Setswana.

19. It was inspiring to see that the Sant Egidio students, 150 of them, gathered during Holy Week with their Chaplain, Fr. George from Italy, to celebrate Holy Week and to strengthen each other in their vocations. They prayed with great fervour at Padre Pio Centre at Rietvlei.

20. I congratulate everybody who attended the Chrism Mass. We owe great debt of gratitude to the students of the Seminary and the Seminary Staff who attended and beautified our Liturgy with their magnificent singing. Fr Sefiri conducted the liturgy with finesse.

21. Again congratulations to all members of the Diocese who went and accompanied Fr. Victor to his ordination in Klerksdorp. It was a wonderful demonstration of the faith of Tshwane/ Pretoria in the presence and numbers of the people praying and rejoicing for Klerksdorp.

22. The WEEK of prayer for Christian Unity runs from May 14 to May 24 this year. This is a request from the Lord Himself. Let each parish and each Catholic pray the texts for the week.

23. We invite all Family Life Coordinators of each parish to send representatives for the Archdiocesan Family Life Desk Workshop to be held on May 16 at the Cathedral from 08h00 to 14h30. A document on the SYNOD of FAMILIES will be presented on this event. We encourage you to come and take part in this important activity for the families. For more details please contact Errol or Miggie at the Chancery.

24. Fr Andries Kimane OMI has received another appointment within the Oblate Province. He has worked with dedication in St Raphael for eight years. The Archdiocese wishes to thanks him sincerely. Fr Provincial has no other Oblate to send as his province has great demands to supply formators within the Congregation. We hope that the OMI return again someday to the Archdiocese, they were the founders of this Church and of many missions. We have links with them which go back to 1877.

25. The Franciscan students Eboh Valentine and Keketso Mothuli will be ordained deacons at La Verna by Archbishop Tlhagali on May 27th.

The Franciscan novitiate will come to St Francis House of Studies on July 1st. They will have 15 novices, 10 from Zimbabwe. The novice master will be Fr Siphelele Gwanisheni ofm. We also welcome Fr Augustine Makhomba Khanyile to that community.

Yours faithfully,

+Archbishop William Slattery, OFM
Archdiocese of Pretoria