DITABA No. 18 – November 2014


Nov 1 Confirmation St. Pius X
Nov 2 Confirmation at Montana
Nov 4 Clergy Get together Santa Sophia
Nov 5 Interview for Candidates for the SeminaryInterview team Fr. Hlaledi (Vocation Director), Fr. Robert and Fr. Sefiri
Building Committee Meeting at Bishop’s House
Nov 8 Rally for the Men of the Diocese at the Cathedral at 9AM
Nov 9 Confirmation at Midrand
Meeting of the Executives and Spiritual Directors of the Sacred Heart Sodality at Jolivet at 2PM
Nov 13 Cathedral Women’s Day of PrayerAwarding of Leadership at St. Paulus School
Nov 14 Meeting with the Knights
Nov 15 Deaconate ordination of the Zanele Labelo at the Cathedral at 10AM
Nov 16 Confirmation at St. Vincent
Nov 18 Evangelisation Meeting at Santa Sophia
Nov 21 CWL Youth at Capital Park
Nov 22 Ordination of Homotso at Mabupane by Bishop Sandri of WitbankConfirmation at Pretoria West
Nov 23 Confirmation at St. Peter ClaverNeo Catechumenate thanksgiving Mass at Santa Sophia, 6PM
Nov 25 Atteridgeville Valedictory Mass for Holy Trinity School Matrics
Nov 26 Meeting of Consultors’ at Santa Sophia
Nov 29 Prayer Meeting and Mass and Instruction at OD PrisonConfirmation at Tabatshwane
Nov 30 Confirmation at Hercules
Dec 2 Masolenyane Mass at the Cathedral
Dec 3 Deaconate Ordination at Padre Pio Centre of Anstykay OFM Cap
Dec 4 AGM of Radio Veritas
Dec 5 Closing Mass of the Franciscan Chapter at Laverna
Dec 6 Ordination of 3 Deacons at the Cathedral
Dec 7 Confirmation at Marapyane
Dec 8 The 125th Anniversary of the Founding of the Holy Spirit Sisters at Valhalla
Dec 13 Meeting of members of Secular Institute of Christ the Priest at Santa Sophia, 10AM12NN – Mass for Chiro
Dec 14 Confirmation at Sant Raphael
Dec 15 – 20 Bishop’s Personal Retreat



  1. October the 1st the opening of new Chapel at Madidi Skill Centre. Congratulation to Sr. Coleen and the Good Shepherds on training thousands of young people at this centre in many varied skills.
  1. At Winterveld at Anne’s Rally brought the members of the sodality together to pray. They also offered a gift of R50,000 towards the education of seminarians. Gratitude for your faith and generosity.
  1. At the Comboni Centre the AGROP young priests met from the 6th of the 10th of October. To share experiences on their first five years of priestly ministry. It was a time of reflection and prayer. It was chaired by Fr. Sakhi Mafokeng.
  1. Gratitude from the Diocese is due also to the Knights who organised the Clergy Medical Scheme to which people generously contribute. It backs up our health care responsibilities for the clergy of the diocese.
  1. Baradi of St. Anne mat at Tembisa for their own day of prayer. They also gave a gift of R50,000 towards the education of the seminarians.
  1. The Metropolitan Meeting of the Bishops of the Metropolitan area of Pretoria which comprise Pretoria, Rustenburg, Polokwane, Tzaneen, Francistown and Gabarone met at the Comboni centre in Pretoria on the 14th of October. On the following morning they were joined by the Major Religious Superiors to discuss the life of the Church in our area.
  1. At the Valedictory Mass at the Cathedral for the Loreto Skinner Street Convent, a beautiful liturgy was prepared. It involved the ceremony of the robes. Here individuals representing the matric class were robed with a special robe each with its own significance. A parent robed a pupil reminding them that this is the robe of love given them by their parents. Then a teacher robed another pupil reminding them that they have been strengthened and clothed by the wisdom of the teachers. Third robe was given by a representative of the Loreto Sister reminding the pupils of the robe of faith. And finally, the school itself presented another pupil with a robe reminding them of solidarity and hope. Of course above all we need to put on the robe of Christ as St. Paul tells us.
  1. A special day was the Golden Jubilee celebration of Rita Carey at Rosebank with four other Sisters of the Mercy Congregation. Many of the Sisters have rendered service in our Archdiocese of Pretoria. The service of the five in South Africa comes to 245 years. We in the archdiocese owe a special word of gratitude for the total commitment of Sr Rita to the poorest of the poor, the prisoners in the prisons. She is continually visiting the prisons running courses for the inmates, consoling them, advising them, praying with them, arranging for religious services for them. As well as that she’s organising a group of volunteers and spiritual workers who now take up the ministry in prisons.
  1. Also we wish to thank Fr. Ramaema and Ms. Mlilwane for their work with the sick in the hospitals. Mlilwane is very happy to visit your parish and train volunteers who will care for the sick in their homes and in the hospitals. Please invite her.
  1. Neo and her many teams throughout the diocese are offering courses in Education for Life. Please invite them –especially for the confirmation youth. This is a very great opportunity to train them for life in the values, responsibilities and choices they must make. Choices which are life giving and not life destroying.
  1. We congratulate and thank the Neo Catechumenate who have given confirmation retreats in many parts of the archdiocese. It is noticeable at the confirmation ceremonies how those children who have attended such intensive days are so much better prepared spiritually, so much more aware and so much more open to the Holy Spirit. We do hope that in 2015 they will also spend a lot of time with the Catechism teachers to offer them that zeal, that faith, that encounter with Christ that is so necessary for teachers.
  1. We hope also to have a review of our catechetical work of 2014 when Fr. Geoffrey returns and to make plans for 2015.
  1. About 30 couples from different deaneries attended the Couples Retreat on 18th of October at Sacred Heart Cathedral. Archbishop William Slattery gave an introductory message for the couples reminding them that marriage is being there for each other. As couples they are to be a source of healing and strength and faith for their family and then for other families. Couples had a chance to have dialogue with each other to review their own values and to see where the place of God in their families is. At the end of the retreat, the couples were given a chance to renew their vows led by Fr. Victor Phalana. They were encouraged by Fr. Victor to be active in the works of Family Life of the Archdiocese by signing up to be part of the team or to make use of the FLD workshops and materials provided. A pillar candle was given to each couple encouraging them to stay faithful and to pray more together. A Family Conference for the Archdiocese will take place next year.
  1. On the 19th of October the High Commissioner of the Tanzania chose the Cathedral for a Mass in remembrance of President Nyerere of Tanzania who died in 1999. As we know his cause has been promoted by the Bishops of Tanzania. He was an outstanding Catholic and committed politician. He was very instrumental in the development of his country, in the development of the African union – the non-alignment movement, and tried to make peace in Burundi and Uganda.
  1. On the 22nd of October the Bishop and Silas attended the special ministries meeting. This is a meeting of the head chaplains of the army, the police, and the correctional services. Fr. Silas has given very dedicated service in the army for many years. He was in and out of the country on a number of occasions even as far as the South Pole where he spent 3 months.
  1. With Fr. Silas working in the army is Fr. Khamali who is with the air force.
  1. We hope now to get the parish house at Thaba Tswane renewed because we have a parish there.
  1. The Department of Formation of the life and ministry of clergy took place at St. John Vianney Seminary on 22nd of October. A point of note for us is that the Coolock weeks of pastoral renewal for priests will take place from the 12th to the 24th of April. Please apply soon if you would like to be part of that excellent course.
  1. Congratulations to our Seminarians, Harry Bopape on graduating with his philosophy degree! At the same graduation ceremony at St. John Vianney, Zanele Libelo was awarded a theological Degree.
  1. The Justice and Peace Committee of the Capuchins International and the Damiette Institute held their meeting at the Padre Pio retreat Centre at Rietvlei. This is an excellent retreat and conference facility. Delegates came from all over the world to reflect on how better to respond to the demands of Justice and peace which is essential to evangelisation.The Archdiocesan Justice and Peace Department which celebrated its new constitution and which was installed by the Archbishop at the Cathedral continue their work forming parish teams and monitoring clinics.
  1. On October the 25th the missionary congress was held for the first time in Johannesburg. The theme of the Congress was “Enlarge the space of your tent” (Isaiah). It was noted at this Congress that South Africa has received many missionaries from around the world. But we are also called to become missionaries, to reach out to other peoples and other countries with the witness of our faith. Pope Francis points out repeatedly that not to share our faith is spiritual suicide. Perhaps 10 South Africans in the 200 year history of this Catholic Church have gone to work in other lands. This is a very small contribution. We need to conscientised ourselves regarding our own Catholic identity, regarding the meaning of our baptism, we must listen to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit; we must see the needs of the world around us and the signs of the times. It is time for South Africans to rise up and become missionaries in the world!
  1. On Sunday, 26th of October at Zwavelpoort the annual rite of sending took place. Almost 500 young people, from those who were confirmed this year attending. Congratulations to the parishes who prepared on the theme, “Falling in Love with Jesus”. Appreciation must be expressed to the Catechetical team of the diocese which plans this meeting annually. It is an opportunity for young people to work together after their confirmation and to come and give witness of what their confirmation has done for them. Congratulations to Timothy, Olga and Shula who ran the whole celebration. It was marked by joy, singing and very active participation.
  1. Msgr. Marc de Muelenaere has for almost 30 years played the major role in our Tribunal. This marriage tribunal serves the whole Metropolitan area of Pretoria. In addition, almost all cases in South Africa pass through his hands as second instance. He has been helped by deacons Molebale and Paul. Now Fr. Sifiri has come back as a qualified Canon Lawyer.All new marriage cases should now be referred to Fr. Sefiri Motsepe, however, Msgr. Marc will continue with all the old cases for another year.It is hoped that Fr. Sithole and others will join the Tribunal.Mgr. Marc has very kindly offered to provide a workshop for people who could help in this very important ministry. It is a ministry of charity to people who are bound by difficulties in married life.A large part of this work involves interviewing of people who are making applications and their witnesses. This work can be done by an experienced person. There is a formula provided of questions which need to be answered in the Tribunal. We invite people who would like to help the Church and the suffering people in this way to come to this workshop in order to be trained as interviewers preparing the marriage material for the judges.
  1. On October the 28th at Santa Sophia, the Presbyteral Council delegates met to establish a new Council. In this subsequent election, Fr. Sefiri Motsepe was elected as Chairperson of Presbyteral Council. Vice Chairperson will be Fr. Obed Ramoipone. The Secretary is Fr. Karabo Baloyi and his assistant is Fr. Emile Kayembe. Minutes of the meeting will be sent continually to all priests. The next meeting will be in February and you may suggest items for the agenda to Fr. Karabo.
  1. On the 29th of October our seminarian Fannie Raymond Msiza was installed as Acolyte at St. John Vianney’s seminary by Archbishop Slattery.
  1. Remember our Brothers, Fr. Amos Masemola and Fr. Ambrose Maqebo who are both studying at Nairobi. Hopefully Fr. Ambrose will return in December.
  1. We welcome Ambrose a Palatine Father who is now studying Setswana at Hamaanskraal under the kind guidance of the Handmaids of Christ the Priest.
  1. Continue to support the vocations and to invite Fr. Hlaledi to meet possible candidates for the Archdiocese. Here is the report from Vocations Director, Fr.Isaac Hlaledi Ramakgolo.
    1. We had the Parents of the Seminarians meeting on the 11th of October at Jolivet House, time 11AM.
    2. Pasteur hospital,13 to the 15th of October, and later fill the Seminary formation forms. One of them Bongani Mahlangu, a matriculant has already begun his exams. Let us pray for them.
    3. We would like to thank everyone for praying for Br. Fanie Msiza who passed his Driver’s License test last 24th of October.
    4. In a Special way we pray for Br. Zanele Lebelo who will be ordained a Deacon on the 15th of November at the Cathedral.
    5. There are 2 fellows who will be interviewed for priesthood candidacy (one from Mmotla Pastoral District, Thomas Mohajane and one from Winterveld, Percy Masombuka) on the 5
      Please pray for them.
    6. The Seminarians will be writing their Exams Soon. May the Good Lord assist them in their coming exams. Let us put them in our prayers.I am still looking for someone to assist me on this field of Vocations.
    7. Five young Men who are Candidates to Priesthood for next year will be going for their psychological tests at Louis
  1. Hearty congratulations to Holy Trinity School in Atteridgeville which has become all South African Football Champions, a Champion School! They received an enormous financial reward for being the outstanding Football team in the country. And that even though they are a small school.
  1. The Church is in negotiations with the Department of Home Affairs regarding the drawing up of the new waiver which will be an agreement regarding the visa requirement, study and work requirements of Catholic Applicants to come and work in the country. This should be available in the near future.
  1. Thank you for your interest and your prayers for the Synod. And during the coming year discussions will definitely take place arising out of what was said in Rome.
  1. Do remember that from end of November for 12 months the Holy Father has designated this coming year as the YEAR FOR RELIGIOUS LIFE. We can never adequately thank the religious for the work they have done for this Archdiocese. It was they who were the pioneers of all our work here be it parishes, schools, clinics, and formations programs. So please pray for religious vocations. Please I would like each parish where religious reside to make a special Sunday to honour those religious, to allow them an opportunity to speak up their charism and encourage young people, especially girls, to consider religious life.
  1. Violet Ramathunya will take over from Mrs. D’Oliviera as the Director of our Catholics Schools Apostolate.The CIE plans to start accredited RE Course for RE Teachers next year.Fr. Msomi is Chaplain of St. Joseph School in Dennilton which falls under the Archdiocese of Pretoria.
  1. Deacon Matle, Sr. Laura of the Evangelisation Department, and Sr. Aine, are available to train RENEW parish core teams. As you know this is the main formation program of the Archdiocese. We expect all parishes to have a Core Team.


  1. This is a reminder to please reference special collections properly. Sometimes they are deposited very late or close to other collections. This makes it difficult to know what exactly the incoming money is to be used for.For reference please quote the name of your parish or school and the type of collection. For example, MAMELODI EAST PMS or ASSUMPTION SCHOOL PP. Please use these initials:
    5. BS – BIBLE SUNDAY (Last Sunday of August)
    6. SC – SOCIAL COMMUNICATION SUNDAY (Frist Sunday of September)
      Many parishes are still outstanding with Lenten Appeal, Good Friday, Peter’ Pence, and Bible Sunday. Please forward them as soon as possible.
  1. Reminder of Special Collections account details.
    3. Account Number: 9103 605 758


        Please DO NOT deposit other payments such as insurance, medical, levies, or assessments into this account.


  1. For any queries or explaining any queries as a lump sum, please email: craigh.dean@gmail.com.


  1. The whole country and the Archdiocese of Pretoria owe a special debt and gratitude to Msgr. De Muelenaere who has been the head of the Marriage Tribunal here for almost 30 years.This is a work of enormous pastoral charity as the tribunal allows Catholics to restart their catholic and sacramental life.Msgr. Marc will remain working with Tribunal until 2016. However, the incoming head of the Marriage Tribunal of the Archdiocese, is Fr. Sefiri Motsepe. All new requests for annulments should be sent directly to him (Mobile number 072 2652692, Email: sefiremda@mweb.co.za)Gratitude is also due to Deacon Samuel Molebale and Deacon Paul Melapi who have worked generously on the Tribunal.I am requesting volunteers to come on to the Tribunal.
  1. There are 2 kinds of people necessary for the work of Tribunal
    1. Those who will gather information. We will have a training session for volunteers as a date soon to be announced. This work can be done by laity. Their task is to interview and record the witnesses of all involved in a claim. There is a template of questions which will guide them in this work. Please seek volunteers within your parish who may be able and willing to this work.
    2. People to assess information. This will be people who must make judgements regarding the material presented. Obviously we would need priests or deacons here. The ideal candidate would be someone with a degree from a Pontifical Apostolate.
  1. It generally takes 15 months to get a judgement from a Tribunal. All marriages, civil, church, and traditional are deemed valid. Though Catholics must be married by Catholic rite. If someone who is divorced in any form of marriage presents for a new marriage in the Church the case must go to the Tribunal.
    1. The Eastern Deanery has a Marriage Preparatory Course organised by Msgr. Marc and his team, any priests may send couples to this course.
    2. Priests must give permission for the celebration of mixed marriages between Christians.
    3. In a case of disparity of cult, (non-Christians, and those whose baptism is not recognised by the Catholic Church and Zionists) a priest must grant dispensation for the validity of the marriage. There is one exception, if a Catholic were to marry a Muslim they must appeal for a dispensation from the Bishop.
    4. Dispensation of form comes only from the Bishop. This arises especially when the couple apply to marry in a resort chapel, etc.
    5. In cases of consanguinity permission must be granted by the Archbishop.
    6. Priests who have a government license can only perform a civil marriage within a Church marriage.
    7. Priests who perform civil marriage must be absolutely sure to send all the relevant papers to the government department responsible.

Yours Faithfully,

+William Slattery OFM
Archbishop of Pretoria


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