DITABA 24 – August 26 2016

1.Please remember the Priest Retreat at Good Shepherd Center, 02nd – 07th October, 2016.

2.We said goodbye to Father Myles Russell, OFM, who was Rector in St. John Vianney’s seminary and who was laid to rest on 6 July 2016.

Sister Felicitas Slattery of the Little Company of Mary passed away on the 8th of July.

The Diocese sends its sympathy to Father Thabiso Ledwaba on the sad passing of his mother.

After generous years of service in the Chancery and with the Family and Marriage Desk, Errol and Miggie returned to the Philippines. We welcome Andy and Flor.

3.We welcome Father Amos with his Master’s degree spirituality from Nairobi. He is stationed at the Cathedral.

4.The Archdiocese is very privileged in being the seat of the Apostolic Nuncio and we welcome Archbishop Peter Wells who, with his Pastoral zeal, is making a great contribution to the spiritual life of our people.

5.The Archdiocese gives sincere thanks to God for the presents of the Stigmatine Congregation who have done so much to build up our church. We will celebrate with them their Bi-Centenary (200 years) at Mmakau on 2nd October.

6.We will join with the Missionaries of Charity at Klipgat on 4th September to rejoice with them on the canonization of Mother Teresa, their Foundress. You will remember that she visited our        Archdiocese.

7.We congratulate Sister Gladness who has been elected as the Mother General of the Handmaids of Christ the Priest at the General Chapter, 10th – 16th July, 2016.

8.We congratulate the Youth team, Priests, and Executives who have had beautiful celebrations for our youth this year. After the celebration of the Year of Mercy at Mmakau, they had a marvellous    celebration on 16th June at Mamaneng. Just now we welcome them back from Krakow where they joined the World Youth with Pope Francis. We expect great things from our Pilgrims and hope  they will share their experience with the Parishes.
Training of youth leaders continuous. 24th of September there will be TUG of Life and training for education for life and for the youth leaders from 30th of September to 4th of October there  will be training for education for life, facilitators from the Pretoria/Rustenburg cluster. The 2nd of December there will be a gala dinner and a concert at St. John the Baptist Pretoria North, fund  raising for youth.

9.A beautiful event was the banquet of mercy for the homeless at the Portuguese Church at the hall. Over 400 poor people were entertained for the day by donors, and by Sant’Egidio, the youth who reached out in mercy and prayers to the most needy.

10. Father Ramakgolo is to be thanked for his work with priestly vocation. The Consulters have chosen a team to assist him, the vocation committee. The Convener is Father Ledwaba, he will be assisted by Father Setsedi, Father Sefiri, and Father Marokane.

11. We congratulate Saint Raphael Parish in Mamelodi who celebrated their 60 years Diamond Jubilee in July. We thanked for the faithful Christians who have kept the church alive for these many years.
Soon, their neighbour St. Peter Claver will celebrate their Jubilee on 11th September.

12. The Northwest Deanery led by Father Molapo and his team allowed us to celebrate the Assumption of Mary with splendour at Jonathan on 21st August. It was splendid celebration of 7,000 people. The previous evening at the Cathedral, Father Karabo arranged a night vigil in preparation for the Feast. In both places great numbers took the opportunity to go to confession and to pray to the Patroness of South Africa. At St. Paulus, the school celebrated St. Dominic. This was the 800 anniversary of the Saint and the founding of the Dominican Family.

13. Congratulations to the Sodalities who celebrated their patrons in June, the Sacred Heart; in July, St. Anne’s, in August, Kemolo; and the CWA. Formation being one of the prime duties of Sodalities we were delighted to see 59 new probationers in the Cathedral making applications to join the Sodality of St. Anne. The Archbishop hopes to meet the Spiritual Directors and the Executives of Sodalities to discuss the question of providing a Pastoral Center. No plans should be made regarding buildings unless they come through the Chancery.

14. Let us not forget to promote Blessed Benedict Daswa. The church needs a miracle to declare our martyr a saint. Let us pray and intercede with him. If we pray with real faith through his intercession, God will work wonders for many people. Perhaps, if we are praying for conversion of certain persons, we could invoke Benedict Daswa.

15. One of the highlights of the pastoral formation of our Archdiocese this year is Echoing the Word, which Renee D’Oliveira has created. Up to 60 students will graduate this year and they are traine with how they were developed under her guidance. Renee will offer the same course next year, Echoing the Word 2017. Please apply soon. The course is eminently suitable for Catechism    teachers and people who wish to know and understand their faith. For further information, phone Renee at cell 0713875167.

16. Eucharistic Ministers are appointed by the Bishop around the Feast of Corpus Christi. The Parish Priest should see to the training and installations of funeral leaders.

17. The crucial work of our Archdiocese is sharing our faith through Catechist and evangelization. It was a great joy that 800 people volunteered to participate in our programs. Father Geoffrey and his Archdiocesan team, the Deanery Chaplain Executives and the Coordinators are all involved in facilitating the volunteers in these demanding works.

18. The Archdiocese is happy that our Justice and Peace Committee are active. It is hope that all Parishes will have a committee. At the moment they are involved in monitoring clinics, organizing marches to alert people of child and woman abuse, they are protecting the old in receiving their social benefits. Sister Rita and the Father Bongi continue with very generous volunteers in carrying far offenders in the prisoners.

19. Mr. Sam Mathe and Mrs. Mathe piloting the Family Life Desk. Andy and Flor de Guzman at the Chancery are excellent resource persons. Again, each parish must make every effort to enrich the experience of marriage and family life. This is a top priority for all Parishes. Couples who are struggling with their marriages should contact the Family Life Desk to participate in the Retroveit Program.

Monsignor Marc and Father Sefiri have given our Priest excellent input on the new regulations regarding marriage annulments on the first Tuesdays of the month at Sta. Sophia. We hope that they will train priests and laities to ease the suffering of people in hopeless marriage situation.

20. The Year of Mercy has been celebrating throughout the Archdiocese. All the Deaneries have their own celebrations with the blessing of the Holy Door. The celebration usually involves the blessing of the Holy Door and the solemn personal entry into the church as a sign of returning to Jesus, the way to God. This is followed by reconciliation service, confessions and adorations. Some parishes have made outstanding efforts. Maria Regina has all come on pilgrimage to the Cathedral to celebrate as a Parish. St. John the Baptist in Pretoria North will come by foot on the 10 km from their Parish to the Cathedral on the 8th of October.

21. Sta. Sophia during September becomes the Secretariat of the SACBC.

22. We are happy that the new church in Naledi Ya Meso is almost complete. Congratulations to Father Marokane on the total refurbishing of Seabe Priest house. We wish to continue with the same team to improve the priest houses in Letlhabile, Motle, St. Camillus. I am making heartfelt appeal to people who can help us with acquiring sites for new churches, especially in Olivenhoutbosch.

23. We are very fortunate in having an experienced, excellent health worker in Mrs. Kekana, who for many years was responsible for clinics and hospitals in Limpopo. Mrs. Kekana has now retired but is making herself available to go on invitation to any parish to offer to people free help examinations. The Minister of Health is so taken with her work that he wishes to sponsor it and to use it as a model for the country. Please invite her. I also remind our priests that our Health Desk is awaiting invitation to visit the Parish and train volunteers in hospital visitation and care for the sick in their homes.

Father Zanele Lebelo has formed a Catholic Health Care Organization to bring together an offer of mutual support for all engaged in health care services. Please get such personnel in contact with Father Lebelo.

24. After many years the Parish church of Lady Selbourne is re-opening for Sunday mass with Father Mokoma caring for the area.


27th August

Thanksgiving mass for religious at the Cathedral

3rd September

Catholic Women’s Association Retreat

4th September

Celebration of the Canonization of St. Mother Teresa at Kipgat

6th September

Priests Meeting at Sta. Sophia (1st Tuesday)

9th September

Mass for Comboni Workshop at Lynnwood (Urban Ministry)

11th September

Golden Jubilee of St. Peter Claver Parish

13th September

Evangelization Meeting at the Chancery

14th September

Mass for General Chapter Oakford Dominican Sisters

15th September

Board Executive of Veritas

September 17th

Year of Mercy for Eastern Deanery at Zwavelpoort at 9:00 AM

18th September

Year of Mercy for North East at Mamaneng at 8:30 AM

20th September

Religious Leaders Meeting on Homelessness

21st September

Franciscan Convention at La Verna

23rd September

Weekend for Justice and Peace Workshop

23rd September

Retirement of Mr. Peter Ross, Principal of CBC

01st October

Year of Mercy for Western Deanery St. Anne’s

2nd October

Bi-Centenary of Foundation of Stigmatine Congregation, Mmkau

2nd – 7th October

Priests Retreat at Good Shepherd

8th October

Year of Mercy Procession from Pretoria North to Cathedral

11th October

Special Ministries meeting at Police Headquarters

15 October

Installation of New Leadership of Handmaids of Christ the Priest

17th – 19th October

Media Workshop, Lumko

19th October

Department of Clergy Meeting, St. John Vianney

23rd October

Sending Ceremonies, Zwavelpoort

25th October

Consulters Meeting

1st – 5th November

SACBC Board Meeting

5th November

Men’s Prayer Day

12th November

Mass for the Deceased of the Archdiocese

20th – 24th November

Imbisa Meeting in Lesotho

26th November

Graduation of Echoing the Word at St. Pius



28th August


4th September

St. Mary’s Mamalodi (Archbishop George)

4th September

St. George Saulsville (Archbishop Wells)

10th September

St. Pius

11th September

St. Peter Claver

17th September


25th September

St. Vincent Tembisa

01st October

St. Anne’s

2nd October


8th October

Letlhabile, Maboloka

9th October

Ivory Park

15th October

Capitol Park

16th October


22nd October


23rd October

Zwavelpoort (Sending)

29th October


30th October

Emmanuel, Tembisa

5th November


6th November


13th November


19th November

Daniel Comboni/Cullinan

20th November


27th November


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