DITABA 22-November 13 2015

1. We are happy to have the RENEW PROGRAM progressing in many parishes. I encourage the CORE TEAMS and the Parish Priests to zealously support the groups.

2. Congratulations to the Women of St. Anne’s on their Rally and their program on DUMISA TV.

3. This is the time of the year to encourage young people to think of a priestly or religious vocation. This archdiocese has a great need of local vocations. At the workshop on the 17th
of October, not many young people were present

4. Congratulations to John Paul Mathebula who graduated with distinction at the Seminary on October the 21st.

5. Please make sure to send mediately to Fr. Craig the PMS Collection of October. It is very important that we support PMS as we depend very much on them.

6. Congratulations to the Priests and Deacons who attended the fervent retreat at Padre Pio Centre.

7. Catechetics. Congratulations to the Catechetical committee and all those involved during the course of the year.

Now is a good time to sit down and evaluate the Catechetical instruction of the year with the children.

The dates of the new mandate for January are available with Fr. Geoffrey.

Welcome to the new Catechetical Teachers who completed their training on October the 9th.

     I am sure you are all aware of the marvelous offer of Mrs. Renee d’Oliviera who will run an intensive catechetical program in 2016. Many have registered but there
are a few places remaining.

8. The Diocese appreciates the great charity of the Knights who run a medical program for the clergy. They generously support the many clergy who have need of health care.

9. The diocese follows with interest the work of the Justice and Peace commission. Through its enlightened leadership they have become involved in improving the lives of needy people.
They have men dealing with abused situations, women who are counsellors; they mentor health care in the clinics. It is important that all parishes have someone on this department.

10. The Men of the archdiocese had their day of prayer at the Cathedral on November the 7th. The work of Errol and the organizing committee made the day very successful.

We congratulate the women of Kemollo, dedicated to our Lady, who celebrated their 40 years Jubilee also on the 7th of November.

11. The Founder of the Neo Catechumenate, Kiko Arguello, will lead a teaching catechesis for all in Pretoria on December the 6th, Sunday afternoon. This is a moment of great significance as
Kiko and Carmela and Fr. Pezzi have initiated the movement that has done wonders for the Church in many parts of the world. This is his first visit to Africa and people and priests from
many Africa in countries will attend. All are invited. Contact Dino Furgione 074 3304467. This is a great   opportunity to listen to one of our great figures of our time, a friend of
five Popes.

12. The people of St. Mark and of the Archdiocese express their appreciation for the work of Fr. S’milo Mngadi who while press officer at Khanya House led the parish worship for 2 years.
Fr. S’milo’s future lies with the Media.

13. Two international groups visited the archdiocese recently. The Africa Chapter of the St. Vincent de Paul came on retreat to the Good Shepherd Centre and the Principals of the
Christian Brothers Schools from all over the world also spent a week there.

14. Sammy Mabusela, will no longer be involved in priestly ministry. We thank him for the work done in the past with the national youth and at Oukasie.

15.Representatives of our Archdiocese went to Taung to celebrate a 120 year of catholic presence among the Batswana, the celebrations were led by Bishop Gabuza. We thank God for the
wonderful Christians who served the Kingdom of God due to this missionary work.

16 The Archbishop attended an international meeting with the pope for Military Ordinaries from around the world for 3 days on October.

17. Archbishop Daniel generously led the Sending ceremony on the 25th of October. In this ceremony all those who were confirmed ion the previous 12 months come together to witness to how the

16. Holy Spirit has come to influence their lives. A special thanks is due to the Diocesan Catechetical team who organized the day.

18. Former President Thabo Mbeki delivered a special address marking the work of the Denis Hurley Peace Initiative at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart on the 26th of October. The DHPI have
for 10 years been sent out all over South Africa by the Bishops to help populations involved in conflict to resolve their differences. President Mbeki expressed gratitude for this work
done in the building of peace in Africa. Until this year the DHPI was led by Fr. Sean O’Leary who has just now returned to Ireland. Fr. Shaun labored in this diocese for many years and we express our gratitude to him.

19. Preparations are well on the way to begin building the Churches of Naledi Ya Maso and St. Ambrose. We encourage people to contribute to a place of worship where they and their descendants will come to the Lord.

In cooperation with St. John the Baptist Parish in Pretoria North, the Archdiocese has acquired a site for a new church in Accacia.

20. The Archbishop recently said a farewell mass for the rector of St. John Vianney, Fr Molewe Machingoane, who returns to pastoral work in Witbank Diocese. In the many tributes paid to

Fr. Molewe it was clear that people appreciated his love for the Church and his real concern for the young men preparing for priesthood. He held an onerous position discerning vocations.
A position that places great stress on a person as it involves the life of the church throughout the country.

21. The Diocese says a special word of welcome to Fr. Samuel SMA who has come to the Diocese as Parish Priest of Montana. Fr. Samuel brings a lot of international pastoral experience to this role.

22. I have asked the financial office of the archdiocese to phone each parish for its quarterly returns. As you see in the recent media, the government is now intending to examine the
financial affairs of churches. Our statutes speak of quarterly returns being sent to the chancery and it is the responsibility of the Archdiocese to see that that is being done.
Failure or lack of transparency could mean serious consequences.

23. It is a joy for the Archdiocese to welcome Catholics of many nations to our places of worship. In a particular way we rejoice in the large Zimbabwe community who come for mass
at the Cathedral. On the 11th of October the Archbishop led this devout congregation at Mass. We said good bye to Fr. Lewis OP who has been chaplain for a number of years and now
goes to Cedara.
24. The dates for Collections for 2016 can be found at the back of this DITABA.

25. Christmas Lunch for all priests and Religious and Deacons will take place at Santa Maria Church of the Portuguese at 109 Luttig Street Pretoria West on the 16th of December. We will
start with a Liturgical Service for Christmas and then have lunch together.

26. John Paul Mathebula will be ordained a priest on Saturday, 23rd of January 2016.

27. The year dedicated to Consecrated Life will be closed on Saturday, 16th of January 2016 at the Cathedral of Sacred Heart Pretoria. ALL RELIGIOUS of the Archdiocese and of the other
dioceses of the Metropolitan Areas of Pretoria and Johannesburg, and all Priests and Deacons are invited to attend. There will be a reception afterwards. We give thanks to the work
of religious who established our dioceses and parishes in this part of South Africa. It is a special day to give particular thanks to religious Sisters and Brothers.

28. Do note that many Confirmation dates for 2016 have already been taken. Phone the Bishop if you wish now to claim a day for your parish. I like the bigger parishes to have Confirmation
on a Sunday where as Bishop I can meet many  people.

29. The Chancery will close on the 15th of December, Tuesday for Christmas.

31. On Saturday, November 21, Jubilee Celebration of the Masolenyana, Little Soldiers of Christ theKing, 40 years Jubilee.

32. The Diocese expresses appreciation Neo Rakoma, our Archdiocesan Youth Leader, who has done so much work with the youth in the last 3 years. Neo was also the animator and supervisor of
the Education for Life Teams. She has gone on to new employment.

33. The Archdiocese congratulates Fr. Vincent Brennan who worked for many years at Khanya House and prepared the National Protocol Documents. Fr. Vincent is now in Rustenburg and will
celebrate his 80th birthday with his brothers on the SMA Feast Day, 6th of December.


14 November Mass for the Souls of Religious who have passed awayConfirmation

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Santa Maria of the Portuguese

15 November


17 November

Board of Veritas Meeting

18 November

Meeting at Phumula

Seminary Meeting

St John Vianney

19 November

Radio Veritas Broadcast (Every Thursday 4PM)

20 November

Meeting with the Knights of the Gama

21 November

Jubilee Celebration of the Masolenyama of Christ the King


22 November



24 November

Evangelisation Meeting


25 November

Mass for School Closing for Holy Trinity School

28 November



29 November


Pretoria West

2 December

Meeting with Franciscan Capuchins for Chapter

3 December

Mini-Youth Day in Johannesburg for all South African DioceseDay lecture on the new Degree on Annulment with Msgr Marc de Muelenaere

5 December

Meeting Diocesan Catechetical Team

Santa Sophia

6 December, 9AM


ConfirmationCelebration with Kiko, Founder of NeoCatechumenate Worldwide MohlohlongPretoria

9 December

Properties Meeting

12 December

Ordination of Deacons



+Archbishop William Slattery,
OFM Archdiocese of Pretoria

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