CSB Report For Evangelisation



PERIOD:               TERM 1



1.1    New Staff Orientation

The staff orientation was held on Saturday the 4th February. About 53 new staff attended the workshop. Dominican School of the deaf had 3 old teachers in management including the principal. They indicated that they needed a refresher course as the principal was newly appointed in her position and needed to swim in the same boat with the teachers.

Br Mike was wonderful and led the workshop with my help and Peter’s where necessary. The workshop was a success and teachers seemed to have benefited from it.

We thank Loreto Primary for hosting the workshop.

1.2    Teachers Seminar

Attended the teachers day at Loreto Primary in Queenswood. The seminar started with the celebration of mass by His Lordship Arch Bishop Slattery. Very inspiring in his sermon as usual. I find him to very good with sending the message through his story telling.

About 300 teachers attended and we had expected about 100. The decline was mainly caused by the protests around Pretoria. However the hall was packed. Initially the mass was supposed to be held in the parish chapel unfortunately it was doubled booked for the wedding.

The arrangement turned out to be great as it might have been a waist in time for people to move from the church to the hall.

The guest speaker was more than wonderful as he was able to keep the teachers alert till the last word.

We thank Loreto and Marcello for work well done on the day. We looking forward to the rest of the events they are going to host in 2017.

  • Chaplains’ Forum 


    1. Chaplains forum was held on the 8th March at Nazareth House and the meeting went well except one person who kept on wanting to bring his personal matters to the meeting however we managed to have it all under control. Both principals and Chaplains had few questions they had and we need to look at them together with his Lordship. Among others they wanted to have a prescribed roles and responsibilities of chaplains in schools and we have done that. We agreed to have separate meetings with individual schools where it will be a follow up between us, the principal and the chaplain per school. In some schools chaplains have a sound relationship with their respective heads whereas in others they still need to work on it.


The planning for Catholic Schools Week was held on the 9th March. At this planning RE Coordinators got the opportunity to reflect about the activities they did in their schools and how Catholic Week went in general. We then gave them a letter to be given to the parish priests to inform them about the upcoming CSW. A generic letter was issued which could be a guideline and be adjusted to suit Individual School and parish. They then got to decide which parish each school was to attend to and outlined their planned activities for this year. We hope more Catholic learners can apply for the academic year 2018. Catholic Schools Week will be from the 14th May to 21st May 2017. The following events will mark the highlights of the week:

Bible Quiz 12 May

Helen Addis High School Music Festival 17 May

Foundation Sports 18 May

Grade 7 Mass 19 May

We are all looking forward to the CSW.

  • Grade 11 Mass 


      1. Grade 11 Mass was held on the 10th March at Queenswood parish. The event was hosted by Iona Convent. For the first time we had all the high schools attending the event. The kids got a bit too excited given that it was during the Lent season. We wish that it will be a continued practice that all schools attend. The learners enjoyed as they were given the opportunity to mingle after Mass during the short concert they had.


    1. The principals had their annual retreat at Good Shepherd in Haartebees on the 15th March it will be conducted by Fr Mdluli. The theme was Christian leadership and I must say it was one of the best retreats. The principals found it to be uplifting and they all got engaged and reflected on their personal experiences in their journey of leadership.
  • School Visits We managed to visit most of the schools some once some twice. The first visit in all schools was to meet with the principal and the RE Coordinator to go through the activities of the year and what is expected of them as individual schools. The second round of visit we are conducting Ethos workshops in schools and we have realised schools have a lot of new teachers who needed this workshop. The highlight was when we visited Dominican School of the Deaf and we conducted a workshop for more than 60 ground staff which included deaf people.We also managed to visit St Joseph in Denilton and we feel the school needs a lot of support and change for it to continue to be a Catholic School however the will is there we are left with a way forward. 






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