Archdiocsesan Newsletter: 1 September 2013

DITABA No. 12: 1 September 2013

1. The website has been launched through Mariannhill. Please find it under . Please alert your parishioners to this site for they can also access this website through their various cell phones and instruments of communication.

2. Certain changes will take place in the diocese from the 1st week of October:

  • Fr.Rakgokong will become parish priest of St.Clare in Soshanguve.
  • Fr.Ralph Ramoabi will become parish priest of St. Peter Claver.
  • Fr. Joseph Molapo will become parish priest of Christ the King, Mabopane (temporarily).
  • St. Mark’s is detached from Christ the King and Fr. Vitalis Marole and his team will conduct a spiritual retreat for the parish until the end of the year. Then an appointment will be made for the new year.
  • Fr. Simon Molefe will go to Meerhof as parish priest.
  • Fr Robert Mphiwe, as Chancellor of the Archdiocese will include in his brief the management of Jolivet House. Issues like overseeing the offices and rooms in Jolivet House, finance for the departments, offices and programs will go through Fr Robert and expenses up to a limited sum.

3. This week you will also get a letter on the subject of elections. As you know during October-November all parish councils should have elections. And this applies also to the sodalities. It is felt however that those who may have had elections during this year of 2013 can simply accept the 2013 election.

4. We are preparing a Men’s Day of Prayer of the Archdiocese. Meeting with Archbishop at Jolivet House, Sept 21 with C.W.A.

5. Please continue to work at Catechetics. It is a supreme duty of priests to supervise the catechetical programs for the parishes.  106 catechists attended the General retreat at Mater Dei Pastoral Centre at Naboomspruit. Many school children are being ruined by so-called healings  in certain Pentecostal churches. There is no prayer in many family homes. Confirmation is seen as graduation. Their Catholic formation in many parishes does not lead them to personally encounter Christ. Meagre youth programs. Little opportunity for participation in worship. Lack of unity in some parishes.

The Year of Faith is fast coming to conclusion. As you know we will close on the last Sunday of November. Please ensure a real participation of our people in parish celebrations. A presentation of our faith, based on the Creed, is seen as a major theme of the Year of Faith.

6. During October please hold a census at Sunday Masses. That is, on two Sundays, the 1st Sunday and the 4th Sunday of October; simply count the number of people who attend masses in your parish. And then add the two numbers together and divide by 2. Send the final number to the Chancery.

7. The Diocese was very well represented at the Episcopal Ordination of Fr. Jeremiah Masela at Polokwane. We rejoiced and pray for our sister diocese.

8. The Diocese mourns the death of Sr. Catherine Keane of the Little Company of Mary. We all have benefitted so much from the Little Company of Mary Hospital that we must really express our condolences and understanding and offer our prayers to the Sisters on the passing of Sr. Catherine.

The book, “God, Love, Life and Sex” is available at the Chancery. It costs R40. Please make a supreme effort to get this book into the hands of at least all Catechism teachers and Youth leaders. Distribute it soon. I will ask questions of the Confirmation class on its subject matter.

I am getting out a Pretoria Bible. I encourage you to buy it; I think it will cost R60. It’s the New American translation and will contain 80 questions commonly asked of Catholics with biblical answers.

9. Congratulations to the North West and the North Deaneries on the organisation of excellent youth and adult pilgrimages to Jonathan during August this year.

10. It was wonderful to see a large gathering of priests attending lunch at Santa Sophia on the first Tuesday of the month. This now will be a regular event. All priests are invited to attend and support each other socially, sharing our priesthood.

11. Puleng from the Jesuit Institute gave an excellent input before the lunch at Santa Sophia. Puleng has worked with great success training people in prayer groups and deepening their own spiritual and prayer life in Tembisa, at Moya, and at St. Vincent’s.  Hopefully in the new year she will extend her work to the parishes in Shoshanguve.

12. Fr. Anthony Mdhluli CP has been elected as the new dean of the Central Deanery. We say goodbye to Fr. Daniel Giacomelli who gave wonderful service to our diocese in the years he was here.  He’s gone to work in the South of Russia in the Republic of Georgia. This is a new challenge for him. Our archdiocese will surely miss his loyal service to his deanery and to the St. Anne’s.

13. Fr.Robert Mphiwe is the new Diocesan Chaplain of the St. Anne’s Sodality.

14. Fr. Ambrose Maqebo is going on sabbatical and so Fr Isaac Tlaledi Ramakgolo will take over the portfolio of vocations. Please contact him if there are young and promising candidates who have shown real interest and commitment to the Church and who are now interested in priesthood, bring them please to Father so that we may present them to start seminary studies.

15. Fr. Mokhele is now living in a cottage in Phumula. He is very happy there. He is happy that he is attended to and has his own place at the center. We thank Fr. Charles Kuppelweiser for making this possible.

16. You remember with sadness the death of Fr. Louis Blondel in Diepsloot. On the 28th of October this year through the instrumentality of the Missionaries of Africa, with his family and the French community in Johannesburg a centre has been built at the parish to offer youth training in the memory of Fr Louis. When his family come they have agreed to meet the murderer. The man who killed Fr. Blondel is asking to be reconciled with the family.

17. Ms Mlilwane and Fr Ramaema are getting the hospital visitation into shape in the city. The best person to visit the sick is their own parish priest. When this is not possible please phone Fr Lawrence at 0723812954. Do you know all the hospitals, old age homes in your parish? Ms Mlilwane has an excellent course in training laity in the work of hospital visitation. She is waiting only to be invited by parishes. Her phone no. is 0782234008.

18. The Justice and Peace Department is very active with training under Fr Moatshe, Ms Mokone and Ms Moerane. They seek reps in all parishes. Sunday 22, September is Justice and Peace day.

19. The Family and Marriage desk is reviving. Family desk conference will take place in Joburg on Sept 27-29. Catholic Engaged encounter National AGM with Fr Patrick Rakeketsi will meet at Bertoni Centre on Sept 28. Couples for Christ meet October 25-26 and November 9 the Archdiocesan team will meet. Parishes now with desk number 26—up from 10 in 2011.

20.  I wish to expressly thank the priests who have offered themselves to be chaplains to Catholic schools.

21. Sr Marie, the International representative of Renew will hold conversations with the priests on October 24.

22. The CWL is helping the convent for abandoned children in Bronkhorstspruit and the CWA is planning to offer services to women in need, to children, to the elderly sick

23.  We await approval from local authorities to start building Naledi ya Meso.

24.  Fr Robert through his own initiative and through contacts has written successfully to the municipality that Monavoni be free from paying rates. Let all priests contact Fr Robert for advice as soon as possible to get equal clearance.



September 1st: Confirmation at Christ the Saviour Parish, Nellmapius

September 3rd: Meeting with the Executive of the CWA

September 5th: Celebration of the Feast of the Blessed Mother Teresa, Klipgat

September 6th: Meeting with American Bishops at Khanya House

September 7th: Ordination of Fr. Jeremiah Masela as parish priest

September 8th: Sunnyside (St. Martin de Porres Parish) Confirmation

September 9th: Celebration of Foundation Day of CBC School in Pretoria

September 10th: Evangelization Meeting at Jolivet House
Meeting of the past pupils of the World Catholic Schools
Lecture to the Handmaids of Christ the Priest in Hammanskraal

September 12th: School Mass at IONA

September 14th: Celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Priesthood, Gabarone Botswana

September 15th: Confirmation at Leratong
Year of Faith Meeting Planned

September 17th: Meeting – Consultation with people interested in accessing funds from the Motsepe Foundation at the Townhall in Pretoria. Please come and make presentations if you have a worthy need.

September 21st  : Xaveri Organization at Jolivet House has organized International Day of Peace

September 22nd: Confirmation at the Parish of St. Peter Claver, Mamelodi East

September 23rd : Laverna Convention

September 24th : Celebration of Silver Jubilee of Fr. Victor Phalana, Vicar General at the Cathedral; Celebration of Fr. John Shand 20 years’ service at the Cathedral, and Celebration of 80th of the Cathedral

September 25th : Visit Jericho in preparation of new priests to work in that area

September 28th : National Meeting of Engaged Encounter. Chair Fr. Patrick Rakeketsi at Bertoni Centre
Confirmation at Monavoni (St. Thomas More Parish)

September 29th : Confirmation at Seabe (St. Clement Church)

October 2nd to 3rd Meeting of the Metropolitan Bishops in Pretoria

October 3rd: Meeting of Metropolitan Bishops and major religious superiors in Santa Sophia

October 5th: Kemolo Celebrate 25 years Jubilee at Temba
Confirmation at Eesterus (St. Joseph’s Parish)

October 6th: Queenswood (Christ the King Parish) Confirmation

October 8th: Meeting of Special Ministries at Police Headquarters
Meeting of the Properties Committee at Bishop’s House

October 9th: Priest Synod at Jolivet house at 9:30am

October 10th: Khanya House Communication Meeting

October 11th: School Mass for Loreto at the Cathedral at 7:45am
Special Celebration for the Knights at Garsfontein

October 12th: St. Anne’s Annual Mass at Winterveld, Good Shepherd
German Community at Embassy regarding the meaning of the Catholic Church

October 13th: Mahube Valley Confirmation

October 14th: Meeting at La Verna with the Continental Environmental Committee

October 15th: Signing Deeds with the MSC of the North West regarding the schools in that area at Tsogo

October 16th: Santa Sophia, Fr. Vincent contact person working in the Protocol from all the Diocese of the Metropolitan

October 18th: The Louis Blondel Centre to be opened, purified, and blessed in Diepsloot

October 19th: Confirmation at the Ekangala

October 20th: Confirmation at Maria Regina, Lyttleton
Zwavelpoort – Sending of all those confirmed this year

October 21st to 25th Bishop to preach to Priests retreat for the Diocese of Kroonstaad at Bethlehem

October 25th: Couples for Christ CANA Conference at Bertoni Centre

October 26th: Ordination of 3 Stigmatine Deacons to the priesthood.
Confirmation at Eersterus (St. Joseph’s Church)

October 27th: Zwavelpoort Confirmation

October 27th to November 1st Priests’ Retreat at Hartebeespoort. Please make a concerted effort to attend there. This is meant to be a silent retreat. It is a serious moment for us in our spiritual lives and a time of grace. There is an excellent preacher coming from Tanzania. Cost is R1900/pp.

Remember every Thursday the Bishop preaches and works with Radio Veritas 576 Medium Wave from 4:00pm until 5:30pm. Please encourage the people to listen and support this radio.

Archbishop William Slattery