Archdiocesan Youth Office Report


26TH APRIL 2017

  1. The archdiocesan youth held elections of the new executive members on the 26th of March 2017. The new executive members represent the six deaneries of the archdiocese. The new chairperson of the archdiocesan youth is Tinashe from the Southern deanery. According to our constitution their office is for two years.
  2. Mini-WYD (Mini World Youth Day December 3-10th Durban and World Youth Day 2019 Republic of Panama). We have formed a working committee for these two important events. Some selected ASBs and some of those who attended WYD in the Republic of Poland last year form the organizing committee. We meet with the youth executive and organizing and WYD & MINWYD committee every last Sunday of the Month till November. In regards to the WYD the youth coordinator has met with Mi-Casa tours in order to discuss the logistics. They envisage that the cost per person to the Republic of Panama may be over R35, 000. The Youth coordinator will get the final figure from MI-CASA as he has another meeting scheduled with them on the 28th April.
  3. Year plan for 2017. On account of the two events mentioned above the archdiocesan youth office will hold only two diocesan activities for the youth this year. The two functions will be geared towards raising funds for the two events explained under point 2. These are June 16th and Revival September 22-24. June 16 will be celebrated at Bertoni centre in Pretoria North. However, we are strengthening the deanery structures. Most of the Sundays the youth coordinator is visiting the youth in some parishes to encourage them to be committed. Most of the activities (formations) are expected to happen at the deanery and parish levels.
  4. Synod: We have managed to distribute the questionnaires to the youth executive and ASBs to respond and we will be collecting them on the 30th April at our meeting. We had previously sent twice the questionnaires through the parish priests but we didn’t get any feedback.


  1. No matter how strongly we insist some priests do not disseminate information that come out from the Youth office to the youth structures in their parishes. For example, the recent example was with the synod preparation document we sent out with some instructions on how to respond. Only 5 priests passed that to the youth of their parishes. Therefore, we solely rely on the executive members on our list to share information through social network.
  2. Money; the majority of our young people are unemployed. They depend on their parents. We do hold meetings and expect them to come from far with their own transport, lunch, etc. For most of the diocesan activities we run to Fr. Robert and the archbishop. Young people are the leaders of our church tomorrow and if they are not trained today how will we expect that to happen? If we don’t have financial resources for them how can we train them? This is one of the key areas we are looking at as the youth office. We have recently opened a bank account for the archdiocesan youth.

Upcoming events of the youth

  • 22nd April meeting with ASBs of the Archdiocesan Youth
  • 30th April meeting with the Youth executive and WYD & MINI WYD organizing committee
  • 23rd May Chaplains meeting                                             Melese Shula

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